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Agricultural Products

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Agricultural Products

1. Extra virgin Olive Oil

An indisputable fact is that Greece has the best olive oil in the world. After all, olives occupy 60% of the total volume of agricultural products. Greece produces the largest assortment of olives in the world, awesome variety of varieties and the rarest for the Mediterranean. Greece has more than 130 million olive trees from which approximately 800,000 tons are received of olive oil annually, 82% of which is “EXTRA VIRGIN “. We buy olive oil directly from farmers which allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which can be used both for food and for pharmaceutical purposes. Crete has a separate position in Greece in production of olive oil and an integral part of life for almost every Cretan family. The unique delicate taste of Cretan oil is a consequence of the fact that Crete’s oil is pressed from the olives of the December harvest, when they are fully ripe on the tree and almost no longer have a natural olive bitterness, especially pronounced in green olives. Also Greece is the only country that does not mix its olive oil with other Mediterranean countries. The main indicator of the quality of olive oil is its acidity, which affects the taste and nutritional value. The acidity of the oil from Crete is no more than 0.3%. Such oil in the Mediterranean it is considered medical! So, do you decide to create your own unique personal brand or simply use our trademark, we are ready for cooperation and export.

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2. Fruits and vegetables ( seasonal )
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